Why it’s important to establish a clear team purpose

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Why it’s important to establish a clear team purpose

Most of us, either in school or throughout our adult career, have been tasked with working as part of a team. While these groups can vary in size, there are a few key points that we need to take into account in order to have your group working to the best of their potential. But while we are always on the hunt to make improvements to our efficiency, it’s critical to remember we’re only human. As individuals, we can (and will) butt heads and have differing opinions, and often we are unable to see eye to eye on some points. All of this is normal;  but how do we keep our eye on the ball? How do we turn this potential disagreement into unarguable success?


Enter a clear-cut team purpose – one that everyone can focus on and aim to achieve, no matter the task at hand.


How to avoid differing objectives


In general, especially in the workforce, we are not able to choose the teams that we work with. Sometimes we are lucky and get a group of individuals who get along and share similar ideas on how the task at hand should be completed. Sometimes we are given guidelines to follow so that ideas don’t stray too far from the actions needed, in order to be completed. But what happens when the task is broad and everyone has a differing opinion on how you should go about finishing the job? This can be difficult in many ways and in some cases, can cause conflict within those right across the group.


The best way to avoid straying too far from your objective is to decide on a clear purpose. Ensure that all conversations, all suggestions and all actions take you one step closer to achieving your goal. Beyond this, ensure you’re working hard on developing team trust across the board.


A great method is to create a vision board straight off the bat, which is centred around the purpose. Concentrate on team development and working together, rather than individual ideas. Working in conjunction with those around you will help you to complete the task more efficiently with ample time to spare. Afterall, it’s no secret that working well together will help to reach your goals in a quick and decisive manner, as opposed to getting bogged down with distractions.


How to achieve success with a new group


If the group you are working hasn’t worked together previously, then team coaching with the end purpose in mind can be a great way to get your first task completed in an efficient manner. You may wish to turn to the group member with the most experience, or look to a senior associate who has dealt with similar situations in the past. If your intentions aren’t yet known, this is also a great way to explore all the opportunities at hand, and discover your role in it all.


Whatever your objective or goal, establishing a purpose is key to delivering the end result in not only a shorter time frame, but also with few disputes. Differing opinions that stray too far from the objective can tear a group apart, and that is exactly what a clear focus can help you avoid. Do not let non-conducive ideals lead to your demise. Ensure that you put your best foot forward and work well not just now, but onward to the future.