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What We Do

Successful organisations depend on successful teams.

We work with Boards, Leaders, Executive Teams, Project and Agile Teams, and Front-line Teams when:

  • The organisation is managing significant change
  • Leadership teams are struggling to make decisions
  • A team is looking to go from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’
  • There is unresolved conflict in a team
  • Team members are lacking a unified sense of purpose
  • There is a newly formed team


We do this in many ways depending on the team and the leader, the organisation and the context.

We provide:

  • Individual Executive and Team Coaching
  • Team Trust Building Programs
  • Individual and Team Enneagram Profiling and Team Building

Typically, we engage with you over a series of working sessions, on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for three, six or twelve months.

In some cases we work with the team leader (CEO, Chair, or Manager) individually as well to help them develop the necessary skills to become more confident in their leadership.

We use a combination of methods that are evidence-based, to ensure the highest ethical and professional standard in everything we do.

Our Clients Include: